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The really great news is that God loves you enough to have sent his son Jesus so that he might enjoy a relationship with you. The problem is that by ourselves, none of us is good enough. We are all selfish and have sinned and God is a perfect God requiring absolute purity. Since we have all fallen short of his standard, God offered his own son as the sacrifice for our shortcomings.

All we have to do is receive Jesus, believing in who he was, turn from our sinful ways, and live a new life. The result of living a life with God at the center is joy, peace, patience, and other great gifts even in terrible times. God is willing to send his own Spirit to live in us. What do you have to do? Simply talk to God and tell him that you agree with him that you are a sinner. Ask for forgiveness. Tell him that you want Him to live in you and be the leader of your life. Thank him for the gift of eternal life. The result of this prayer if prayed honestly is that you have become a child of God.  
This comes with many benefits, one of which is eternal life. Your life will be changed by him and you will grow more mature as you continue in prayer, fellowship with other believers, and in reading your Bible, which is God's instruction manual for you. (We'd recommend starting in the book of John.)

If you have made this commitment, we would like to hear from you. Being a part of a group of believers is part of your growing opportunity. You can contact our pastor directly:
~ Pastor Ben -





We are part of the Converge Heartland District of Converge Worldwide (also known as the Baptist General Conference).


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